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Breakthrough challenge 2022 (khan)

Hello, Im plannig on joing breakthrough Khan, Im not really sure what I should do.

I was planning on doing


Phage therapy

Feedback loops


Please can give any ideas


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2 months ago

I would recommend working with the topic you already feel passionate about and have a decent background knowledge on - the Breakthrough Challenge is more about your abilities as a Scientific Communicator than the actual topic. This means that you'll be judged on your ability to explain a topic in an exciting and innovative (but clear) manner. Instead of asking the community what topic sounds "the best", instead think about which one you're the most familiar or excited about and move from there.

By the way - if you need advisement help on this project (like maybe producing an outline or script), you can always book me as an expert adviser for a consultation session (I'm Carly Tribull)

2 months ago

Since I guess you are in 11th grade, here are some ideas I thought of you can use for breakthrough:

Science Topics:

DNA Mutation - Causes & Effects

What are trees made of?

Why is the sky blue?

The beginning of life.

How deep is the Ocean?

How high is the sky?

How thick the the ground?


Math Topics:

I can't think of any, most are already covered in Khan Academy.

Other Useful Ideas related:

Deductive and Inductive reasoning



I hope this helps!


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