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What can I do to help me get to good pre-med colleges

I'm a high school freshman right now and am trying to get a great college for pre-med. I am taking as many Honors and AP classes as I can and I am trying to learn to study so I can make sure I contain my 4.2 GPA. I am also taking a medical terminology class to learn the medical words and other things I need to know. But right now I'm no good for great colleges and I really want to be good for it. I'm not sure how to get a physician mentor and I don't know what extracurriculars or other classes I could take to up my chances if I am able to. Any tips?

Colleges I'm thinking of:

- Ohio State University

- Hofstra University

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2 months ago

I would recommend taking any more ap classes that you can senior year for that gpa and or anything revolving medicine or helping in building testing scores where a good act or sat score will be very helpful in applying for colleges like Harvard


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