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When is too early to apply?

I'm finishing up my sophomore year of HS, and I was wondering if I start applying for college in my junior year or to wait to my senior year?

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14 days ago[edited]

You can not apply to college unless there is certainty that you will graduate prior to matriculating into the college the following Fall term. So if you are a junior, unless you are going to graduate in your junior year, you can not apply to any colleges. There is no such admission as a applying for 1 year "forward" admission by applying 1 year ahead of time and reserving a place.

These days with the hyper competitive environment of super low admissions rates, most HS students want to have the best application possible prior to applying so it is in your best interest 99% of the time not to graduate early and apply during your senior year. There are some certifiable geniuses out there that have taken every possible AP by junior year and are bored to tears. For those rare students, graduating early makes more sense because they need to be challenged.

Good luck.

13 days ago

You can only apply to colleges during the fall of your Senior year. In the meantime create your college list, work on your GPA, and extracurriculars. Also, work on improving your SAT and ACT scores now. You can even start on your college essays now instead of waiting till your Senior year.

13 days ago

It definitely helps to start researching and looking into colleges you would be interested in. You can get a head start by making sure you have a strong resume. I strongly recommend meeting your SAT/ACT score goals by the end of your junior year.


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