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For the MIT Admissions requirements it says I need 2 semesters of Calculus based physics but my school only has 1?

The one it has is Physics: C Mechanics and I found out its only 1 semester. What do I do in this case. I don´t want to give up on my dream school. The major ideally shouldn´t change as i want to go through a CS major


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• 13 days ago

Hi @Code,

No need to give up entirely yet, you just need to do some research! I highly recommend giving their admissions office a call or setting up a meeting with them to discuss the situation. MIT is well aware that not every school offers the opportunities they're requesting, and they always have to handle a certain number of special cases.

If they refuse to flex, you have some other options - You should take everything your school has to offer, but start looking into nearby community colleges that allow high schoolers to enroll. If you don't mind online classes, you might find some other options as well.

Keep in mind - applying to dream schools is going to seem like you're hit with excluding obstacle after excluding obstacle (schools saying you need this, this, and this). Most students immediately give up when they see these - but remember, this journey is about self-advocacy as much as checking off boxes. You'll need to learn to make those scary-seeming phone calls and emails to make yourself heard.

If you need more advice, check me out on the 1:1 advising page as Carly Tribull


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