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My high school does not have many options when it comes to APs. They currently only have 10 and they only give you certain APs you can take each year depending on your grade level. Will colleges take this into account considering my limited options?

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2 years ago

Yes of course. But keep in mind that if you are aiming for a very competitive college like Top 25 school you might be at a disadvantage continuing where you are. I highly recommend that you make a list of colleges and cross reference how many people from your school apply to these schools and how many get in. This information can be found on NAVIANCE if your school uses that or make an appt. with your HS college counselor and they can tell you that.

Knowing what kind of schools the past graduates of your school matriculated into will help inform you whether you are on target to get into the schools on your college list. If they do not match up, then come back here and ask a different question later on like "how can improve my academic narrative if my school is not positioned to offer many APs?"

Good luck.

2 years ago

Colleges will receive a school report from your guidance counselor, which they will use along with their own data to add context to your academic profile. Colleges largely care about how much you have maximized your academic rigor given your circumstances, rather than the total number of APs you have taken alone. They will take your high school's policies into account, so you will be academically competitive as long as you take as many APs as you can. Hope this helps!

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