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What should I do?

I'm currently a sophomore (class of 2024) and trying to decide between military and college which one do I pick.

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2 years ago

No one on CollegeVine can make that decision for you. Attending the military has some serious consequences both in time and opportunity loss. Yes if you join the military you will get combat training, a stipend and get some financial aid if you attend college in the future. But remember nothing is free so most military policies require you to give X number of years military service if they are helping fund your education.

College on the other hand is more flexible because you can change majors and decide where you want to go to school. There are 4300 colleges in the US that offer 4 year degree programs.

Do you have an adult, parent or guardian you can talk to about options for your future with? I think it's important that you do that offline from here because this is website dedicated to helping HS students get into the college of their choice. 99.9% of people on here have zero interest in joining the military. Some are interested in going to Westpoint or Annapolis or Colorado Springs for Military college but that's not what you are asking about correct?

Good luck.

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