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What schools would best fit a smart kid with no extracurriculars?

I’m really struggling finding a good school. I want to do either medicine, speech language pathology or accountant work. Thanks.

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@edskull6 days ago

If you're still in 10th grade you still have two more years to find some kind of extracurricular. You could always use the places you do community hours, just ask and see what they have to say or offer. It really depends on the college itself on what they're looking for. All I said on my application was I did tennis for about 2 yrs and had about 3.1. I got accepted into a CSU. Just do your research and tour if you can. Just find colleges that have what you want and see what you like about it

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Hey! This might not be the answer that you're looking for, but even if you're super super smart, most colleges now are looking for students that are well-rounded and do stuff outside of the classroom. They want to see that you're more than just a student and that you are passionate enough about your interests that you pursue them in non-academic settings. I'd definitely recommend getting involved in at least one or two things outside of school, whether that be volunteering, a club, a sport, working, taking care of family, etc. Bonus points of course for your extracurriculars being directly related to your interests.


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