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Early Decision [Duke vs. Dartmouth vs. UPenn]

Hey everyone! I am trying to decide between Duke, Dartmouth, and UPenn for early decision (I would totally be ready to commit to any of them in a heartbeat and am trying to figure out which would be easiest for me to get into based on my school and my situation) and I was wondering if the strength and quantity of other applicants would impact my chances at these schools- i'll elaborate on my situations at each school below:

Duke (CV Chance = 20%)

For Duke, a lot of students at my school are applying ED to Duke, but a lot of them are in a higher math level (IB HL Math (BC+Multi) vs. IB SL Math (AB) +BC and AP Stat. I was wondering if the high volume of high-quality applicants from my school would decrease my chances.

Dartmouth (CV Chance = 28%)

For Dartmouth, there are several students at my school interested in being recruited by Dartmouth, and the school in general has a large recruited athlete population, especially for caucasian students, so by how much would that potentially reduce my chances of admission to Dartmouth ED?

UPenn (CV Chance = 24%)

For Penn, I think fewer applicants are applying ED from my school, but I am applying to Wharton, which would decrease my chances significantly. While I did get into Leadership In the Business World (summer program @ Wharton w/ 20% acceptance rate), I feel that my math level (BC calc senior year instead of multivar) may be a slight barrier. Would my Wharton chances be significantly lower than for Duke or Dartmouth?

If I would be equally happy going to all 3, which one do you think would be easiest to get into for early decision? (White Male going into economics)


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For the Class of '26 Duke's ED rate was 21%, Dartmouth was Dartmouth was 21.2% and UPenn was 15.6%.

Since there are many students from your HS applying to Duke you have more peer competition and your CV chances are below the ED admit rate. I think you have good chance of getting Deferred at Duke.

Dartmouth is a mixed bag because you are not a recruited athlete, nor legacy nor facbrat nor development candidate. Not BIPOC low income first either. 30 ED admits to Dartmouth came from Questbridge. I think you have a decent chance at Dartmouth.

UPenn is a also a mixed bag because the 24% CV chancing is if you're applying to Arts and Sciences which is far less competitive than Wharton. And if you are thinking about the Huntsman dual degree, that would further discount the rate. Your have to discount your CV chances by 1/3 or 1/2 if you are applying to Wharton ED since that is super competitive like applying to Stern at NYU.

So I think you are at 12-15% for Wharton, 20% or less at Duke because of all the peer applications , and less than 28% Dartmouth because you don't fit the regular ED admit profile and might get deferred there as well.

Good luck


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