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10 months ago
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Do colleges take into account if you've been moved by the military?

I am stressed about my transcript. I got moved out of my school on the east coast a month earlier than summer break and due to the stressful moving time, my grades weren't the best (I got a C and a B on my final report card which I had never done before). Now that I'm on the west coast, the classes don't all match up and not all the credits do either. So while I would've originally had a shot in the top 10 or 15 in my graduating class, now I am at a disadvantage (or so it seems). And now that SAT/ACT testing is cancelled for months due to COVID-19, I don't have that opportunity to set myself apart. I guess what I'm asking is: Is this a problem I need to find a solution to in order to make myself shine or will colleges acknowledge the fact that the military moved my family from one coast to the other in the middle of high school?

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10 months ago

This is something that is rare but also seen as very noble. You had to uproot your whole life at the end of high school because one of your parents serves our country. I think you will have the opportunity to express that in your application to colleges in your essay. It is something seen as very commendable by many universities and your difficult situation will be accommodated. You still have time also, join clubs, sports, or other activities and try to have a leadership role to give you a well-rounded application. Also, many colleges no longer use a class rank system when reviewing applicants.


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