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I am confused about coursework, on collegevine I don't know how should I fill my coursework. I have done 8 IGCSE subjects and 6 IB subjects, so how should I put them into my collegevine chancing profile? Please help me I am confused


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a year ago

There is a section called AP/IB on the chancing profile where you would put your 6 IB course by selecting the dropdown and picking 6. Since it's not clear from your post which 8 IGCSE course you took, I would not know if any of them would qualify as an honors course. Here in the US, honors courses are typically more rigorous and go into more depth and breadth compared to regular non-weighted courses. So on a US HS transcript, you might find something like Accelerated Physics Honors or Accelerated Chemistry Honors, or Chinese Language III honors, or Pre-Calculus honors. If some of your IGCSE classes are honors courses, then I would count them up and put them in the honors classes category. From looking at the Cambridge website listing all the classes, I would guess the Accounting, Economics, Computer Science, Information & Tech, and Business Studies might be honors, not so much for languages or the science ones listed. I hope that is helpful. I would play around with the profile and see if all of them or none of them make a difference in your chances or not.


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