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thoughts on studying abroad? what are the best ways to do it?

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2 years ago

Like @m.bre said make sure you look at colleges with that option. Even if you are uninterested in studying abroad people change their minds, especially over a period of four years. I think that studying abroad is a great opportunity to gain experience. It is really eye-opening to see another country and understand how the world works together and how other societies function. Also, if you are trying to do it in high school there are some websites online that offer it like CIEE Go Abroad!! :)


2 years ago

You can apply to any college that has a study abroad program which is usually limited to a few semesters, but some colleges have campuses in other countries that you can study for all 4 years and still have a degree in the U.S. Examples: Temple University - Japan Campus, American University of Paris ( and literally almost everywhere else lol they have a lot of foreign campuses) , NYU- Shanghai, Broward University - Brazil and a lot more.


2 years ago

@brookr18 I would imagine the best way to study abroad would be to attend colleges that have a program where you can study abroad. CollegeVine may have some information, but you could google colleges with programs like you seek. Here's a good site that even lets you look at different majors offered at schools with study abroad programs: https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/study-abroad-programs


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