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What more extracirruculars could I do to get into UCLA?

So I have a 3.94 unweighted gpa, taken 4 aps (projected to complete 9 by senior year), 4 honors courses (5 by senior year), taken 3 community college courses (10 completed by senior year + a summer course at ucla), and a class rank of 26/97. I am in ptk and nhs which are honors societies, im involved in jrotc and a club that does fundraisers, have over 114 hours of community service, play guitar, involved in confirmation, ap capstone and helped start a non profit charity. Despite this, it is calculated that I have a 30% chance of getting into Ucla, so what more could I do? and will sending letters of rec and college essays increase my chances?

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2 years ago

Well for starters UCLA does not accept letters of rec it is mentioned on their website and secondly i feel like your academics and Extracurricular are decent you can write an essay that is very personal to you and that resonates with you which something that the admission council love having to hear a touching story of how students have aced despite the hardships they have faced and your SAT scores or ACT scores also have some weight in your application

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