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Can I get into MIT, Stanford, Caltech, UC Berkeley and the other elite schools?

I graduated sophomore year with a GPA of 3.75 but I got straight sevens in IB and a predicted grade of 42/42. I also got 1600 on my SAT, 800 for my Math level 2, Math level 1, Physics subjects tests, and a 780 for Chemistry. I also did the ACT and got 35 in it. Moreover, I did a few online college-level courses on Coursera during my sophomore year. I also have some pretty great extras; such as I took part in a pre-university Science Olympiad and won a bronze medal.

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you can use the search tool... in general your profile looks strong but college admissions are super subjective. To get an objective analysis, use the chancing engine.

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Your grades are VG+ but your test scores are stellar and have passed the threshold for most elite colleges. You already know that 3.75 unweighted is a little light at the top 25 schools. My opinion is that academics/test scores are only one of many factors and more than 50% of applicants with perfect test scores get rejected and passed over. All elite colleges are looking for unique students that help fill voids in their Freshman Class Profile and are especially interested in students that have unique talents, abilities, or passions that can add to the college experiences for others. Every elite school is looking for interesting students that want to change the world or use their abilities for maximum impact to be a change agent. If you watch some videos on MIT's admissions lectures you will see that they are not looking for kids that are only smart, they must want to make the world a better place. MIT is not looking for kids that do not work well in groups nor liking sharing their work on a collaborative basis. But they love applicants that are generous, open, and quirky, and curious. If you watch the MIT East Campus videos you will see that MIT is very inclusive with regards to race, gender, and orientation (sexual). You have some time to cultivate some unique facets about your interests and hobbies and create something memorable about yourself that admissions officers want to have for their school. A holistic application review process is not a black and white binary process, except for the fact you must meet certain checkbox requirements at top schools like Grades, (not so much test scores any more as 90% of them have gone test-optional including 6/8 Ivys and CALTECH is Test Blind so that will not even look at your SAT, ACT or SAT II test scores). Therefore more than ever, you have to pop out on your application like a unicorn 🦄 and sell them on your uniqueness and other attributes, test scores not so much.

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You have a very strong academic portfolio and the elite universities look for a good academic portfolio but it isn't the only thing they also need you to have a very strong extra co-curricular portfolio with it and you will have to write good college essays to get in these universities.


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