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Advice on ECs?


I know these are super annoying and I've used the Chancing Simulator before but I just wanted to see if you think that my ECs so far are on par for applying to T10/T25 schools. I just want to see what others think because I feel like the EC portion of the simulator can be a bit faulty in seeing just how significant they are, whereas GPA, test scores, and coursework are more straightforward.

I also know it's difficult to see solely based on extracurriculars, but I don't want to make this post any longer than it already is, but if anyone wants to see other stats, I'll comment them. I do plan on building on some of these and have stuff in the works, but I want to know how behind/ahead I am, if possible.

I'm a sophomore and will be graduating class of 2024. I plan in majoring in Poli Sci (basic I know) or something in pre-law. I know it's early to tell, but I appreciate any responses!! Thank you so much!!!!

Extracurriculars - Year by Year

Freshman Year (2020-21)

Dance Teacher: Throughout the end of elementary school, all of middle school, and freshman year of high school, I taught young children (3-6 y/o), adults with disabilities, and occasionally other age groups dance classes for various styles. I helped coordinate & choreograph routines for ~10 shows, (4 of which being recitals, the others being more informal) at my local dance studio.

Created & Assembled Freshman Yearbook Club: Club dedicated to taking photos and gathering data from freshmen to create their yearbook section amidst Covid-19. An opportunity for freshmen to socialize and work together.

Internship with a non-profit that offers legal assistance to disadvantaged groups: Worked with attorneys on individual cases, helping clients. Read through legal documents. Helped attorneys with drafting and passing bills.

Internship on a city council campaign: Worked with the campaign team and other teenagers to create short informative videos on social media. Worked on routine assignments and wrote scripts for the videos.

Dance Club: Went to weekly virtual practices and made a 2-minute choreographed routine performed at the end of the year for our entire school.

Debate Club

Started my blog: an organization and website dedicated to helping students with limited resources in my city find extracurricular activities according to their prospective major/interests to enhance their college application.

Sophomore Year 2021-22

Summer Intern Program in the same nonprofit: By personal invitation, I was invited to shadow a summer intern program, specifically for 1L and 2L law students in highly selective programs (Harvard, Columbia, Yale) While interns received projects, I was permitted to full programming and discussions surrounding pressing law topics.

Blog from Freshman Year

Summer Job: Junior Counselor at Preschool Summer Camp. Helped assist counselors in preparing food, and recreational and individual activities.

Volleyball Team & Varsity Cheer Team (do not plan on including these in my application as I did not hold some sort of special role.

Debate Club (member)

Philosophy Club (member)

Student Support Club (member)

Student Council: Basically had a role equivalent to "class officer."

Part-time Job at Gym: I teach young children gymnastics & other recreational activities.


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I think your extracurriculars are very impressive for the top school. One thing I would advise, however, would be to create a story. It seems to me that the very impressive activities aren't fully connected. Don't worry, as you can easily connect them as the years play out. Try to narrow clubs and commit to leadership roles in them, ensuring that you do focused activities that interest you and the members of the club; it is about impact. I think the dance and internships are a greater part of your "story". However, if the blog doesn't have any tangible impact, focus your time on the activities that do (opportunity cost). Try to join pre-existing political advocacy groups because you have a better chance of making an impact within. You're off to a great start for a sophomore.

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