2 years ago
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best extracurriculars for a nursing major :)

hi! i'm oliver and i'm almost a sophomore. i was wondering what the best extracurriculars would be for me. i'm in the class committee, and the nature club as of right now.

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2 years ago

Hi!! first off LOVE your username!!! Also so good that you know what you want to do early on! Here are some of my suggestions.

-Look into local/statewide/national science programs of all kinds of science, not just biology/health

-Volunteer at your local hospital and/or ask for any high school opportunities

-Enroll in local/statewide/national science competitions (i.e, Science Olympiad)

-Shadow a doctor/surgeon (ask relatives/friends if they know anyone)

-Contact professors to do scientific research

-Join more STEM-related clubs OR create your own!! (i.e, Future Doctors Club, Ecology Club, Marine Biology Club, just to name a few)

And this isn't just for extracurriculars but make sure you take advanced courses in STEM, APs, and college courses.

Good luck and you'll do amazing!! Let me know if you have any questions

2 years ago[edited]

Hi there!

I'm also a sophomore, so I understand your motivation to join more extracurriculars related to your spike. If you're interested in nursing, then make sure that you're in all of the medical related clubs at your school, and try to climb the ranks in them. Become the President, Secretary, V.P.- anything that will make you more involved and impressive! If your school doesn't offer these, then make the clubs yourself! Colleges love to see a person who's a leader, and this will tell them pretty clearly. Look around your community. You'd be surprised what a simple google search can do and get involved everywhere that you can! Look for internship opportunities in local hospitals. Also, make sure that all your electives and APs are related to STEM and, if you're school doesn't offer said APs, then apply to take a few directly through the college board next year!

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