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How does being military fam affect my chances of admission into colleges of my legal domicile? In state or out of state?

For military dependents with a parent in active duty, they qualify for in state tuition in two states, the state they are currently living in (Texas for me) and their parent's legal domicile (Florida) by federal law.

When calculating my chances of getting into a university, should I consider out of state or in state admission rates?

Moving often has hindered my gpa, development as an athlete, and a student so I'm excited that my options are broader because of this, but I wish to know to what extent. I might soon attend my third high school for my senior year

I also have a great deal of family living in the legal domicile (Florida) if that changes anything.

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2 years ago[edited]

Hey, fellow military brat here. You should choose where you wanna go whether it be in or out of state plus a lot of benefits gathered by your military guardian may be used to pay for a lot of your tuition (especially if they have 100% disability). I'd suggest when doing your application (like essays or something) you add how its hindered your academic potential, but ultimately you should be okay. It shouldn't affect much besides transcripts since slow transfer of records and differences in curricula between schools are common, but it should be easily be cleared up within school. Also another thing if your family has attended a school you plan to go to it can actually help your admissions as long as they weren't causing any trouble.

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