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What do I need to do to compensate for my low Chem grade

I am a mostly A and a sprinkle of B's student, and I've done very well especially in english and history, getting A's in my APs, I also have a very strong extracurricular and holistic resume, however I have a C in Chemistry it it's not a high C either. I'm taking another science class over the summer through dual enrollment, and it's pretty easy I'll likely get an A. I've already figured out how to recuperate my GPA from it, but will this seriously effect me, I'm really concerned that this will hurt my chances of getting scholarships and into competitive schools. I also know that I may able to write about my poor grade on some applications as it really stands out like a soar thumb. Some schools I'm looking at include NYU, UNC Chapel Hill, American U, George Washington, and U Michigan. Plz help I'm very concerned my chem grade will ruin my chances I know I sound like an angsty teen but I'm worried.


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2 years ago

There's no need to fear - plenty of students with a C or two on their transcripts get accepted to top schools, and I was one of them! College admissions is a holistic process, so having exceptional extracurriculars, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, and more can make up for a bad grade. Your overall GPA is more important, and since you have figured out how to increase it, you will still have a good chance at getting accepted to your top choice schools. Explaining the circumstances behind your C in the Additional Information section of your applications will also improve your odds of admission. Hope this helps!

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