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Class of '22 - Thoughts About College?

First off, I want to congratulate this year's graduates! Great job getting through high school; even with having to navigate the pandemic and doing so during your college search, you made it to the end, and you should be proud of yourself no matter how your grades or acceptance letters look.

Do you have any words of advice for next year's seniors? Things you learned, things you'll miss, or things you're looking forward to most in college? Was all your hard work worth it, and are there things you wish you did/thought about when you were a junior or undergraduate? College that you've committed to and what you'll be majoring in? Career goals?

Best of luck in your journey ahead and I look forward to seeing your responses.

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2 years ago

i will 100% miss the people from hs, just because I have grown so used to seeing these people nearly every day, especially since i've known some since elementary. also gonna miss volunteering at my local shelter lol, the staff are used to me and they're so kind

highkey wish I had looked for more scholarships before senior year, like I casually looked for them but not as intensely as I am now. but, i am in fact going to be able to afford college due to my high grades, and i could literally cry just from that so thank you past me for not just giving in to my procrastination instinct. wish i was better at driving during my junior year lol i'm finally brave enough to take another driving exam for my license so cross your fingers?

for next year's seniors: get involved with your graduating class, especially if it's for free and if you like at least some of the people you're graduating with. make sure to get their contact info and remember that after you graduate? you might never see them again. And if you haven't already, start saving money for college! ESPECIALLY IF you're going to move to go to college!! You need to buy supplies. Non-negotiable. Let's face it y'all. The only scissors in the house are child's scissors and kitchen scissors (No you can't take these, these stay at home). Get actual scissors to bring with you to college.

Majoring in Graphic Design with hopes to work in advertising!


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