4 years ago
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Ideas on extracurricular activities for an Economics major?

Hi! I am a rising senior and I realized I don't have any extracurriculars that link to my major (Economics). I know that colleges look for students that show interest in their intended field of study.

Do you have any thoughts on what I could do? Maybe some ideas on en extracurricular that can lead to a tangible product (eg. a research paper or similar)? Or ideas of simple extracurricular activities? Do you know of any site or place where I can work on something related to economics, online?

Thank you!


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4 years ago

I have an idea. There are 2 major global events going on right now which are 1.) COVID-19 Pandemic and 2.) Protests for racial equality. Each has had a significant effect on the global economy and local economies. Many high-level economists are keeping track of this and reporting their cursory findings in journals and newspapers. As an economics major, you can write a research paper on how one or both events has altered the economy both on a micro and macro scale and what your future projections are based on the data you are looking at which could be unemployment filings, unemployment data, retail sales, housing starts, housing resales, changes in GDP or GDP projections, etc. Since you are not an economist, it's not so much important you come up with something ground-breaking. What is more important is that you show your interest in economics by taking an educated guess about what is happening and then followup with some inciteful recommendations to remedy the problem both short term and long term. I do not know of any site that will give you a project so I think its best that you take advantage of this unprecedented time and do something with it. The other alternative to this project is writing a research paper on how COVID-19 has affected higher education, specifically colleges. What do you think is going to happen in the Fall and next year. How will colleges survive this? Will there be more private college closings? How many? What can colleges do to become more competitive in this complicated environment? Good luck with your summer!

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