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Math level + physics situation- admission to Dartmouth

Hi everyone!

I had a few questions about the two "weaknesses" of my academic transcript to see if y'all thought either of these were an issue for admission to Dartmouth (CV chance = 28%, no hooks or aldc, prospective ED applicant)

Math level- I am finishing Calc AB/IB Math SL2 and AP Stat this year, and I will be taking AP Calc BC next year. However, the highest math level at my school (many ivy+ applicants from my school are in) is IB Math HL2 (IB Diploma candidates) or MV Calc (non- IB diploma). Will this impact my chances at Dartmouth?

Physics- Due to the IB Program's two year courses, I can't really fit physics into my schedule because I am taking IB Bio HL this year and senior year. However, I am hoping to take AP Physics 1 through virtual virginia concurrently with my other classes, but there will be a lot of logistics involved and might be a significant time commitment. Would taking AP Physics 1 online be advantageous or disadvantageous for my chances at Dartmouth? What about other schools?

Thanks so much!


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2 years ago

Hi @dev8!

It ultimately depends on your major. The main goal of taking rigorous classes (as well as GPA and test scores) is to demonstrate to colleges your ability to thrive under a heavy workload. A 28% from our Chancing Engine would indicate that your grades, test scores, and course rigor are high enough to pass the academic thresholds for that school, so what'd I'd focus on instead is your extracurriculars (which will be the deciding factor at a school like Dartmouth). Taking AP physics could be worth it if you're applying for a physics-related major, but otherwise I think your time and effort could be better spent on other parts of your application.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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