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How important are college essays?


I think of myself as a generally good writer, but I feel a bit anxious about the college essays we must submit. So, how important are they and how can I bet prepare to write mine?

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2 years ago

College essays are both for colleges to 1. Learn more about you and 2. Assess if you're a good fit for the school. Though, they can also discern this from the rest of your application! I did manage to find a CollegeVine link that explains more in-depth about college essays!


(TLDR; Smaller, more selective colleges will focus more on the essay. If your grades/academics are low the essay is more important, and your major matters! In general, the essay weighs 25%)

There was also a link for essay help! Also peer review, whether online or in real life is worth its weight in GOLD. Don't be afraid to reach out! Reviewing essays might also help you get a better feel for writing!


I always try to outline an essay before writing, figure out my "hook" (the first line of the essay to draw people in), create a thesis statement (address the prompt with your reasons/topics), and then each body paragraph talks about one of the reasons/topics. For the conclusion, I sort of reword my thesis, then I add in some extra inspirational lines, then I usually have a "call to action" or mic drop line.

Also, it sounds super cheesy but I use the Grammarly extension to feel more confident about my writing (anything above like an 85, especially a creative piece, is good to go imo).

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