2 years ago
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Are my EC's good enough for Writing at a t20

Hey there!

I'm a rising senior and I just wanted to know if my extracurriculars were a good enough writing spike for a T20! Thanks.

I want to major in Creative Writing/English at an ivy/T20, specifically Dartmouth or Cornell. is this enough?

- Competition: Scholastic National Silver Medalist, Georgia River of Words State Winner, 8th in State for GHSA Literary Personal Essay (I was the GHSA Literary Team main Personal Writer), Young Georgia Authors Region Winner, 1rst Place with Special Recognition for Poetry in Countywide Creative Writing Competition

- Summer or yearly program/Clubs: Founder of Poetry Out Loud at School, Thespian Society, Poetry as a hobby for 8+ years (Recognized by a small literary magazine and TeenInk, Looking to get published more), School's Literary Magazine Editor. Also, I might be a Mentee at Girls Write Now, which is a premier mentorship program for girls. It is yearlong and you have to apply.

- Employment: Young Eager Writers Internship, Junior Editor at Polyphony Lit

- Service: UPchieve Volunteering, Learn to Be Volunteering (Both primarily in reading.) Purple Pearls (Community Service Club, Possibly a Secretary) By the end of the summer I'll probably be at 100+ hours of community Service.

- Extra: Varsity Track and Cross Country, NHS (Possible Officer), Advanced Honors Chorus (You have to audition for the class and there are frequent performances. I've gotten a handful of solos and we got a Superior, which is the top rating, at the Large Group Performance Evaluations.)


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2 answers

2 years ago

You have excellent ECs that should make you a strong competitor in T20 schools. You should be good on ECs and focus on coursework and make sure you are taking all the advanced english classes your school offers. Since your ECs are so strong, focus on standardized testing and GPA to solidify your application. I doubt that this will be an issue for you, but really refine your common app essay and start looking to draft out T20 App prompts. Otherwise, extremely strong ECs and you are definitely a competitive applicant at T20 schools.

2 years ago

Your EC's look amazing even for applying to a ivy/T20, it definitely helps that you included your competition history. I would say they are plenty good enough, impressive even.The mentorship helps and you have great community service hours, I would say you are good on your EC's.

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