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What extracurriculars and classes should I take?

I plan to be an ultrasound technologist, but I'd like to get into a university that sets me up for success. As of now, I'm finishing my junior year, and I want to take classes next year that will help me excel.

So far, I've fulfilled almost all of my core classes, and I only need to take government and economy next year; the rest is open for discussion. My current extracurriculars and related electives are below:

Extracurriculars: FCCLA (10), Concert band (9-12), Marching Band (11-12), and I plan to join the Key Club (12)

Related Electives: Child Development (10), Honors Anatomy & Physiology (11), Psychology (11), and I plan to do Health Science II (12)

I have medical issues that prevent me from doing high-impact sports, so any extracurricular activities should avoid heavy running, jumping, or weightlifting. Please let me know which extracurricular activities and classes would be suitable for a headstart!

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2 years ago

I would definitely make sure you have community service hours as those really count to show how engaged you are in your community and with community service it doesn't have to be extraneous or hard physical work. If there are any I would try to join clubs related to what major you want to take and ones related to becoming an ultrasound technologist. You are definitely on the right track with your electives. I would also just try joining more clubs even if you don't do much in them because just having them on there shows how involved you are and colleges love to see that. I get the medical issue thing I have one as well so I probably won't be doing many if not any sports either so with that it is really important to focus on academics and make sure you have good grades. For extracurriculars just really try to engage yourself in your community and get service hours in, as well as join more related to your field of interest. Hope this helps!

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