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Even though many schools are making the SAT optional, should I still take it?

I understand this question has been asked before but I'd just like to say it with my perspective. I am a rising senior and have yet to take the SAT. I have taken 3 PSATs and got 1160 freshman year, 1290 sophomore year, and 1330 junior year. I am just starting to research colleges, write essays, and overall get ready to apply to colleges. With the SAT becoming optional, should I sign up for it or focus on writing essays and the application process?

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2 years ago

@skykhai, which schools are you thinking about applying to?

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2 years ago

You have nothing to lose by studying and preparing for the SAT and taking it, except for the $68. If you score well say above 1400+, that will only help your application. If you score less than your last PSAT, I might consider not submitting it because colleges like to see some progression. Remember that if you decide to take it, you have to study hard and take a lot of practice tests. Once you take a bunch of practice tests you will see what your range is. For example, if you take 10 practice tests and they are like (1300, 1360, 1420, 1400, 1390, 1450, 1410, 1460, 1400, 1390), you have a good chance of getting 1400+ on the real exam. Kahn Academy, all the College Panda books, and Erica Meltzer's books for grammar/reading are excellent resources.

2 years ago

I would definitely take it. While many colleges have gone text optional, having scores will benefit you. If they are deciding between two similar applications but one has test scores and the other doesn't, they will most likely choose the applicant with test scores providing they are good. It isn't required but I personally think having scores will definitely benefit you.


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