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Will colleges care about Covid?

Covid began for me in 8th grade and continued until the end of 9th grade. During that time, I basically did no Ec's (just did poetry on the side but no competitions or anything.), even though my grades were still a 4.0. I did take extra classes though so.

When I came back to school for basically, I still wasn't involved enough in school. I had decent EC's, but nothing spectacular. Now, it is the summer before 12th and I am getting really involved with stuff in the summer. Will it be enough if most of my Ecs are only going to go on for a year? Here they are btw (I plan to major in English).

Black/African American Girl

Lower middle class

4.23 gpa senior year

1500 sat (740 math 760 r and w)

- Competition: Scholastic National Silver Medalist, Georgia River of Words State Winner, 8th in State for GHSA Literary Personal Essay (I was the GHSA Literary Team main Personal Writer), Young Georgia Authors Region Winner, 1rst Place with Special Recognition for Poetry in Countywide Creative Writing Competition

- Summer or yearly program/Clubs:

Founder of Poetry Out Loud at School, 2 years

Thespian Society, 2 years

Poetry as a hobby for 8+ years (Recognized by a small literary magazine and TeenInk, Looking to get published more)

School's Literary Magazine Editor, beginning during the start of 12th Grade year

Also, I might be a Mentee at Girls Write Now, which is a premier mentorship program for girls. It is yearlong and you have to apply, beginning at the start of 12th grade.

- Employment:

Young Eager Writers Internship, Beginning in the summer before 12th grade and is continuing

Junior Editor at Polyphony Lit (probably a senior editor when I apply ea), Beginning in the summer before 12th grade and is continuing

- Service:

UPchieve Volunteering, beginning summer before senior year

Learn to Be Volunteering (Both primarily in reading.), beginning summer before senior year

Purple Pearls (Community Service Club, Possibly a Secretary), 2 years

By the time i apply ea I'll probably be at 100+ hours of community Service.

- Extra:

Varsity Track and Cross Country, 2 years

NHS (Possible Officer), beginning summer before senior year

Advanced Honors Chorus (You have to audition for the class and there are frequent performances. I've gotten a handful of solos and we got a Superior, which is the top rating, at the Large Group Performance Evaluations.), 2 years



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2 years ago

It really depends on which colleges you apply to. For some, these are perfectly fine, for others, maybe they are looking for some more leadership roles. What do your chancing engine results say about the college you are interested in? That will better inform you on where you weaknesses are than asking for opinions without the context of your grades/course rigor/IV/IC,test scores,rank,and demographics. I think it's important to explain your whole narrative with context to get the best possible answer. Without context, it's a shot in the dark.

Therefore I encourage you to fully complete your CV Profile as best as possible and run it against 15-20 schools you are interested in applying to.

These days when there is an uber-competitive environment where almost all Top25 colleges have admit rates less than 10%, it's hard to tell if where you stand without a full picture of context.

There is no advantage to graduating at 16.5. If anything, colleges are more difficult for younger students because they have a more difficult time transitioning to being away from home and maintaining their own schedules without any support system. There are many rights of passage that HS students look forward to during college and by virtue of your age you might feel out of sorts in certain circumstances.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Since you were affected by COVID in 9th grade, which is when colleges do not expect you to do many ECs, you will not be at a disadvantage on that front. I would say that your EC list is impressive, and the fact that you began a lot of your ECs now will not harm you as long as you continue being active.

The best way to see whether these ECs are enough is to use the Chancing Engine in your CollegeVine account. The engine will show you how to quantify the competitiveness of your ECs and it will holistically evaluate you. Once you input your admissions data, it will approximate your odds of admission to any school you choose. Hope this helps!

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