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International Student planning on going to US for college

Hello. I am currently a student in their sophmore year residing in Australia. I go to a grammar school here, which is a school which you need to pass an exam to go into. I have tried the SAT on khan academy and achieved a score of 1550. I am currently also getting A+ and A's on most of my reports and am likely to achieve the top 1% of all students in Australia for my rankings in senior year. I also played for the Hong Kong National Team in both field hockey and soccer and I also do other extracirriculars like army cadets, robotics and lacrosse. I am planning on majoring in mechanical engineering or computer science, so I was wondering with that resume, what school do you think would be a good target for me and with your previous experience, is that a good enough resume or do I need to improve on other areas in order to get into the prestigous schools in America

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Your SAT score and ranking are both competitive enough for the top STEM schools in the US. However, your admissions decisions will be based on much more than academics. Your essays, teacher recommendations, the stats of the Australian applicant pool, and more can all affect your chances. In addition, your extracurriculars may or may not be competitive enough for top schools - it depends on the details surrounding them, such as your impact, leadership, and depth of engagement.

With the information I have, I would say that you have a chance of getting accepted to prestigious US schools such as these. For more detailed chancing, I recommend entering your stats into the Chancing Engine in your CollegeVine account portal. Hope this helps!

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