2 years ago
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between University of St Andrews and University of Edinburgh better for CS?

I actually got offer in St Andrew for computer Science MSC and in Edinburgh for Informatics MSc

I was wondering which one would actually be better

Cost isn't much of an issue and I think I can adapt to any of the environment of both universities

My main concern is that St Andrews is ranked really high in the UK but in the world it's rank isn't quite good

But Edinburgh has a good world ranking and not that good in the UK

Also, I think that rankings are skewed because most of them are because of the number of research papers published by the university...

So I was thinking which one would be better in terms of

1.job market,

2. internships

3.The curriculum of studies etc...

Social life isn't a major concern. Plus due to the pandemic, we won't be able to enjoy them with a free mind....

Also, I heard St Andrews is like at outskirts of city....so is it like better as the college atmosphere would be studious....?

I would be grateful to have a detailed analysis of which university would be better to attend.


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2 years ago

So I did really quick research becuase I’m American and can’t talk about universities much less name them except oxford and Cambridge.

Andrews is a poster child of a college town so not a whole lot interms of professional jobs same for internships though coops are a thing. I can’t talk about circular as I’m American :-)

Edinburgh is the biggest city in Scotland so lots of jobs interns and coop opportunities also can’t speak for circulum.

I’d recomend you look at your major ranking or google how good is insert major at insert school.

It mostly comes down to college town or large city environment. It comes down to preference.

College town is the more social of the 2. So if you a heavy introvert Edinburgh is for you if you only base it on lack of social life.

Hope this helps


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