2 years ago
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Do you need Calc BC for a CS major?

My school requires AP Calc AB as a prerequisite for AP Calc BC. However, I won't be able to take Calc BC without skipping any levels (since I'll be on track to take Calc AB senior year). I have three options:

1. Skip Algebra 2 this upcoming year and see if there are any outside Algebra 2 classes available over the summer to get my credits in

2. Talk to my counselor to see if I can skip Calc AB as my grades are pretty solid

3. Just not take Calc BC and continue with my path to take Calc AB senior year

I'm planning on majoring in Computer Science but I'm not sure how to schedule my math classes. Do you need AP Calc BC for this major or does it not matter? What should I do? Thank you!!!

@smyu242 years ago

Hi, I'm in the IB curriculum rather than the AP one, but I'm still a student taking the HL math course (which should be the same as AB). And as a fellow comp sci intended major I can tell you with confidence that calc BC is favored over just having AB, but not taking the course is not detrimental to your admission. Skipping AB would be something that is really hard to do, but if you studied hard over the summer, I'm sure that you can catch up.

@smyu242 years ago

FYI, if you took AP physics, then you would receive points during admission since a physics background is valued for comp sci.

@artbirb2 years ago

can you double up on math classes? at my hs we were able to take classes like Algebra 2 with pre-calc (prereq for calc ab) in the same year so we wouldn't have to wait a whole other year to take the class and go straight to calc ab the next year.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@cslg2 years ago

no, unfortunately we have to take Algebra 2 before pre-calc

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Accepted Answer
2 years ago

No, you do not need Calc BC to apply as a CS major at any school.

While you may face some stiff competition at schools like CalTech or MIT, it's not required.

I would also look into taking an online class either over the summer or during the year.

Outlier.org has both a College Algebra, Pre-Calculus and College Calculus course. They are all legit and you get UPitt credit if you pass the classes.

Good luck.

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