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What are the best extracurriculars if I want to become an EMT?

I'm a sophomore in high school and one of the pathways that my school has is called the Health Pathway. In this pathway we learn about things to do if somebody's life is in danger and there are no "professionals" around. We don't know if we're accepted into the program yet but it's a 2 year long program at our school. What other extracurriculars can I do to become an EMT? And what is the best major to go by? On CollegeVine there's only a "pre-med" section which doesn't really match the major that I searched up. Many schools have different names for the major but most go by paramedic science, paramedic studies, EMT -- paramedic, or EMS.


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2 years ago

Call your local doctor's office or hospital and ask if you could shadow one of the doctors/EMT workers. It's a great way to get service hours as well as gain some knowledge of your future career choice. The best major would probably be a biology-related one, health sciences, or just something medical-related in general. In order to become an EMT, you must complete a CPR certification so be sure to also look into those.


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