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I don't have many EC's, will colleges deny my acceptance because of this?


Hello, I'm a rising senior with not many EC's. The only good ones I have are: playing on a team for 2 years and on the third managing it, volunteering at my doctor's office for almost 3 years, and being on my school's NHS. Will this be good enough? If not, how can I increase my chances?


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Uh ivy+ schools will likely deny you (MIT Yale NW Rice Stanford) but if the school is more formalistic in admissions such as K State as in have x gpa and have y SAT/ACT you gain near automatic admission and holistic schools that have high admission rate such as over 70% usually care about grades more than ECs.

Also if you are recruited for your sport/team it kinda supercedes everything.

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How do I increase my chances for getting into an Ivy League?
For ivy+ schools MIT Stanford Rice ivy etc I’d say you’d have less than 3% chance becuase of lack of ECs though you have near all AP/IB classes perfect standardized test scores excellent letters of rec phenomenal essay you have an average chance of ivies 10ish% That chance changes if you add diversity via Belong to aminority group (typically excluding Chinese Indian) From a US state that is underrepresented such as Wy ND Alaska or from international that is not represented or sparslely
Also if you add diversity to your field such as women in stem also if you are recruited for ivy such as a legacy or recruited for sports I’d say your best bet is a public ivy