2 years ago
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I don't have many EC's, will colleges deny my acceptance because of this?

Hello, I'm a rising senior with not many EC's. The only good ones I have are: playing on a team for 2 years and on the third managing it, volunteering at my doctor's office for almost 3 years, and being on my school's NHS. Will this be good enough? If not, how can I increase my chances?


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2 years ago

Uh ivy+ schools will likely deny you (MIT Yale NW Rice Stanford) but if the school is more formalistic in admissions such as K State as in have x gpa and have y SAT/ACT you gain near automatic admission and holistic schools that have high admission rate such as over 70% usually care about grades more than ECs.

Also if you are recruited for your sport/team it kinda supercedes everything.

Hope this helps

Ask me if you need clarification


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