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How can I get better in my extra curriculars ?

I am a class 10 student . I aspire for the universities tagged . Actually, I have a very good profile in academics . But lag behind in extra curriculars . I want to know more about how can I still build an excellent extracurricular profile so that my chances increase .

@oliviaz2 years ago

I'm not an expert in any way but I think the best way to boost extracurriculars is just to find something you're really interested in and pour some time and energy into it. Ideally, you could produce something concrete like a new skill or a collection of paintings or money donated to charity, but just doing things for fun, having real passions, is good too!

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2 years ago

Hi, that’s excellent that you’re amazing in your academic profile. A great way to gain more activities is to look for clubs that you are very passionate about, is it debate, music, or ROTC. Then make sure that if there’s any big activity in your school join it and try to earn a leadership role in it.

2 years ago

By "class 10" you mean you're a sophomore, right? It's definitely not too late for you to begin beefing up your extracurricular profile. Focus on what you want to study — if you're aiming for MIT, I assume that's something related to engineering or the sciences — and aim to join clubs, teams, competitions, or whatever makes the most sense for you in that area. The way to make your chances increase through ECs is for the ones you choose to make sense with what you want to study and do in the future — i.e., they shouldn't feel like you're choosing to do them to make your college applications stronger. So, pick a couple that you think you can really deeply involve yourself in: participate for a few hours a week, lead initiatives or design new projects or take on some other kind of leadership you can signal on a college application.


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