2 years ago
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Does anyone know about Forage.com

I want to do a short virtual internship this summer, but can't find any. I found a website called forage.com where they have lots of 5 hour programs I can do for free. Will this look good for colleges?


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2 years ago

This would not look impressive to most colleges.

theforage is a job shadowing portal intend for matching those who are looking to enter the job marketplace with employers who have specific job roles to fill either now or in the future. This will not have any weight on your application or admissions chances to get admitted to a competitive college.

If you can't find an actual internship, then look for other impressive opportunities like leadership roles in your community, tutoring kids in your neighborhood, getting a paying job, or just taking a college course. Too often, applicants get stuck on the idea that their ECs have to check off some imaginary list of boxes. This is not the case. The key is to stay productive, engaged and keep expanding your narrative based on your personal interests.

As we move away from at home isolation to more normative post-COVID in person learning and in person work environments, remote virtual internships will carry less weight and gravitas as compared to person to person contact and learning.

Good luck.

2 years ago

Since you mentioned your interest in business in the comments, here are two CollegeVine blog posts that list out summer business programs and internships:

1. Summer programs

2. Summer internships

Hope this helps!

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