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How to improve UCLA film chances?

Hi, I heard that the UCLA film program is very prestigious and selective, so I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas on how to increase the possibility of getting in. I have like a 3.7ish gpa (would it look better if I raised this?), haven't taken the sat and act yet, I've gotten a 4 on AP Psych & Gov, founder and president of my school's film club, president of national thespian honor society, president of student body, I'm writing a kids book rn, a media blog & yt channel, vice president of a mental health centered nonprofit, and I'm apart of my county's youth committee for the count execs. What should I do to show more dedicated interest? I get that a lot of it also relies on skill, but I'm taking IB HL Film and IB HL Art next year, so I'll gather all the film making skills needed, but does anyone have any other ideas for things I could do on a greater skill? When I turn the required age to start taking credited classes at my local community college I have things planned for that, like taking credit film and acting classes (Will UC schools like this?). I'm currently writing a script for my town's film festival, but I'm not really sure what else I could do, and film has been my dream for a long time so I'm kinda paranoid about not getting into UC schools, especially UCLA. I'm out of state btw, I live on the east coast. Thank you! (I also posted this in UCLA prospective but it showed it didn't post? Idk collegevine is being weird so sorry if this is repetitive)


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2 years ago

Hi, I live in California so I'm very familiar with the UC system.


Not only are you applying for an arts degree, the UC's including UCLA don't even accept SAT/ACT scores.

You're extracurriculars look really good so I wouldn't be worried about it. The only thing I'd suggest is getting a film-related internship this summer (if it's still possible).

If UCLA has summer programs that are related to film TAKE IT!!!!!

Get connected when you're there and impress the teachers (they tend to be the same ones who will review your application).

You mentioned your GPA being 3.7, of course raising this will increase your chances! That being said, UC schools only look at the sophomore and junior year grades, so if you're going into senior year, it's final. But have no fear! 3.7 is plenty good to get into UCLA.

Overall, I would just focus on your supplements (especially if you're a junior going into senior year). Because UCLA doesn't look at test scores and minimal grades, your application is very dependent on your essays and film supplements.

Look up the requirements, you might need to submit special essays, a script, or even a short film.

Also just as another option, USC (University of Southern California) has an even MORE prestigious film school so maybe consider applying for that.

Don't worry about it too much. I'm confident that you'll get it. Good luck!

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