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Hey, I have a question about USC applications. One of the components of a 1-2 minute unrehearsed video on the topic: How do you envision using your USC Thornton education to become a force for positive change in the evolution of the music profession and music as an art form?

How do I approach this and what exactly are they asking me to talk about? Do I need to speak about something specific in the USC educational program itself or?


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2 years ago

You should approach this video casually, but creatively. First, think about your setup. Record behind a fairly plain background - plain walls work, though backgrounds with a partial view of your bedroom or a bookshelf add more personal flair. Most importantly, make sure that your lighting is decent. Recording during the daytime will give you the best results, and try to face a window for light as you record. Double check that your camera records video and audio with no glitches too.

After you have setup your camera and background, make a background with brief bullet points. You should aim to have bullet points outlining your personal introduction, why you are interested in USC Thornton, and your answer to the question.

Your personal introduction can be a simple statement about your name, school, and where you are from. You can dive into your school interest part by talking about where your passion for music came from, and then you can tie at least one specific resource at USC into it. The names of professors, majors, and classes all demonstrate your interest.

The last part is where creativity comes in. You want to make the argument that with the USC resources you mentioned, you can accomplish a big-picture dream. Be bold with your dream, and think very specifically about the change you want to make. Presenting a change that falls outside of cliches will make you stand out. Ideally, your dream will relate to music work you have already done.

You can then conclude your video with a simple "thanks for watching." Hope this helps!

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