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If accepted into West Point military academy can you till choose to attend another school?

I am a high school Junior and am currently working on the West Point application process. Before I go too far into the lengthy process I am curious wether I will be legally bound to attend the University if I am accepted. In which case I would HAVE to attend West Point if I were accepted I will choose to not go through with the remainder of the application process.

Thank You!


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2 years ago

No, the application process for all of the military academies (West Point, Navy, Air Force, etc.) is not binding as far as I know. If you make it through that lengthy and involved process and receive an acceptance, you will be able to weigh all of your options and choose to go elsewhere if you have a better one.

As a sidenote, no application decision for any school is LEGALLY binding. Early decision is not legally binding — if you back out of your early decision offer, no one is going to come and arrest or cite you. Early decision is binding because the colleges themselves will effectively blacklist you if you break your ED contract; i.e. they'll talk to each other and circulate a list of students that other colleges should not admit because they broke their contract. Hope that also helps clarify things.


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