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Would I still be able to get into a selective school with this schedule.

So I was just assigned my courses, and I am not taking a rigorous one, the reason being I slacked for the majority of freshman year. Sophomore year (next year) I am taking:

Algebra II-Honors

AP Computer Science A

English 2 (accelerated, did not qualify for honors)

USH 2 (accelerated, did not qualify for APUSH)

Chemistry 1 (accelerated, did not qualify for honors)

Spanish 3 (accelerated, did not qualify for honors)

I also have PE and health. This is what I am currently taking:

Geometry Honors

Biology Honors

USH 1 (accelerated)

English 1 (accelerated)

Programming JAVA (highest level)

Spanish 2 (accelerated)

If I get recommended honors classes in junior year and perform well academically sophmore year, would that be a good upward trend? Would this also excuse my freshman year and less rigor in sophomore year for selective colleges?

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Sometimes people have a bad year, I mean my freshman year I had mostly Bs but in my soph more I had a single one, even with different classes. I believe you will be fine, colleges always like to see an upward trend cause it looks awesome. Most colleges barely look farther than a sophomore year last time I checked, idk. From what I am seeing in your schedule you like Com Sci, so for college applications later it would be best to see that type of consistency though. Good luck with sophomore year.


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