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Did Anyone Else's Chances Just Change?

I logged into my account just now to find that many of my % chances of admission have changed drastically--this is true on my phone and laptop, and I double checked to ensure that I didn't change my chancing profile. Has the algorithm changed/did the chances change to reflect likely changes with the applicant pool due to COVID, or is there something wrong with my account? The numbers are VERY different, so knowing which set (old or new) and why it changed would be extremely helpful.


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a year ago[edited]

I looked at my list and some of them did change most of the selective non ivy+ schools moved up Wisc Madison moved up but the 95-99% moved to be 91-95%. I do know CV is trying to slightly revamp their system to better include majors and rigor and if I remember correctly ECs though I’m not sure about ECs.

I don’t know if you missed a button such as leave say you have no SAT or something similiar but it was not a drastic change if anything I’d say it boosted it.

Can you give an example of a change?

If need be email support@collegevine.com and ask about it.

Hope this helps!

Comment if you need clarification

Edit: My ivy+ schools did not change at all maybe one of them went from 1-4 to 1-5%

a year ago

I'll message CV Support and ask them whether they uploaded new data into the algorithm (that's likely the case). In any case, you should email them as well it's usually faster to reach them that way than through the forum.

a year ago

Hi @AllyG!

Thank you so much for reaching out about your chances changing. There were a few changes that went through last week to account for COVID's impact on student's ability to take the SATII tests. This means that some students might see increases in their chances because SATII is not as important anymore.

We are trying to keep the algorithm as up-to-date as possible, especially now as things are changing so quickly due to COVID. There may be a few more changes in the coming weeks. We will try our best to notify students ahead of future changes, but please do keep us posted if you are concerned about the changes going forward!

Thanks again!


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