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I didn't take any honors classes until sophomore year.. will it affect my chances into Princeton?

Hello I'm going to be a rising junior this fall and I'm very worried about my transcript and courses. At the beginning of the school year, I wasn't aware about the opportunities offered at my school. I knew about clubs but I wasn't fully ready to begin. I struggled with mental illness and depression. My school offers around 4 honors classes each year but we are supposed to take an entrance exam to be placed into them. I took all regular classes my freshman year. However, I got recommended to take US History H, Chemistry H and Anatomy H in my sophomore year. I was really dumb back then and didn't understand the importance of honors classes so I skipped the anatomy honors exam. I took the US History H and Chemistry H entrance exams but failed the chemistry honors exam. My sophomore year, I only took 1 honors class and it was US History. However, I also took advanced computer graphics. Will taking one honors class during my two years of high school affect my chances of getting into a prestigious university?? I've done really good during my high school years and I currently have a 3.88 GPA.

ps: For my junior year, I'll be taking English 11 H, Algebra 2 H, Environmental H, Anatomy H, AP Spanish, AP Computer Science and maybe AP Chemistry... However, I need to choose what classes I'll take since I have limited space. Also, I'm low income so during those two years I've been working 2 jobs.


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If I remember correctly my school only offered 3 AP classes for 10-11 collectively and we are a top school in my state. Since 2015 we had like 5 Stanford enroll I don’t know about admits. So I can say it doesn’t hurt so long as your rigor is impressive in 11th. Since it is 9th I don’t think many schools will care about the honors especially if you get really good grades in all the remaining classes. I know some schools only accept 10-11 grades and if you get A-s and above you should be semi competitive as nothing is likely when ivolviving an ivy

Hope this helps

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4 years ago

I think as long as you can show an upward trend in the rigor of your courses won't significantly impact your chances of acceptance. If you struggled with depression, colleges will probably take that into account.

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