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Online Paid Internships or unpaid volunteering opp


Hi, I’m a junior going into my senior year of highschool. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, a lot of the volunteering opportunities I wanted to take up at hospitals has vanished. My ability to get a job has also vanished. Does anyone have any online programs that would help me with this? I’m not heavy on the location but preferably Houston!


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If you don't already I suggest getting LinkedIn. I'm a rising senior too and was about to find remote internships for this summer there. Also it's a good general resource for promoting yourself and creating a job network.

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So I know of no virtual ones but you don’t have to intern to get pre med tracks. A health blog. You can also look at coursera edx for health courses or even udemy which is paid to gain certificates though you have near constant sales look up the incognito trick.

A much bigger reach might be Getting certified in cpr or other med certificates or get lifeguard certification etc.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your response! How can I get certified in CPR? Also, I’ve heard you can get certified to be a medical assistant but I’m not sure how to do that would you happen to know?
Tbh I have no clue I’m looking at going into stem these were just ideas I had. Sorry :-) You should google cpr certified Harris county or something similar. Google is your best friend
Also if you are over 18 you may be able to get a COVID back tracker essentially cold calling ppl who have been in contact with a person that has Covid. If you live in Houston area bilingual might be a requirement.
Haha no worries! That actually sounds interesting but sadly I’m only 17:( thank you for your help !
Your welcome no go to your SO google :-)