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Ap courses for ELL student?

Hi, I'm sophomore, and came to the U.S. almost three years ago. I got 5.7 on the WIDA test this year, so I can take the course I want next year, not the ELL course. So I chose AP Calculus bc for math (I was originally taking high level) and I was going to choose AP courses for other subjects, but my counselor told me to take honors instead because courses like social study, which English skill takes so much part, are still hard for me. But I have to take as many ap courses as I can to go to a good university. What should I do?

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2 years ago

The bottom line is that you are going to have to have excellent English speaking, writing and reading ability to compete with your peers at top universities. It's great and amazing that you have come so far in a short time. Nevertheless, there are no shortcuts.

To improve your English proficiency, the best thing I can recommend is to read a lot of books this summer and continue reading books for your own intellectual curiosity during the school year as well. Next summer, you are going to have start prepping for your ACT and SAT.

Also, if you have time, I would try audit one of the AP English courses on edx.org or take a college level English course at your community college. This will give you some better insight to the level you need to be at.

Good luck and happy reading.

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