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what extracurriculars should I do if I want to apply for Georgia Tech?

I am currently in 11th grade right now, and I'm not sure what extracurriculars I should take and can apply with minimal or few fees for a major in something like Aerospace or Aeronautic engineering. I'd like to know what extracurriculars like clubs, work, volunteering, and activities, in general, I should take to show passion in my major and something that would show a well-roundedness in my subjects.

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2 years ago[edited]

I would say try to join TSA (Technology Student Association) if it's available at your school (its just the only club that I know of that I think might involve aerospace haha, depending on what your school offers there might be better fits for you than TSA). They do competition events that involve various things such as technology, engineering, and art. I'm currently in it right now, and I know that there is an event for Flight Endurance which seems like it would involve aspects of the major that you're looking for (I might be wrong though because I myself do not participate in that particular event haha). They also have a bunch of other events on other subjects if you want to show well-roundedness. If you can place at the state or national levels within the competitions, you can put that on your college resume and it will show academic achievement as well as passion in the field that you want to do (for example, I'm doing engineering design as it shows passion for the field of engineering). To just participate in the club the fee is pretty small but for competitions, it can get a bit more expensive since you'll likely have to stay overnight in Athens at the state level (if you are registered on the official team for an event, at my school it costs around 200) and nationals are very very expensive (should you choose to go, for my school its around 800 which is not really ideal if you want to spend minimal fees), all the prices will depend on your chapter (my chapter doesn't receive a lot of funding unfortunately so we have to pay a bit more, ofc at your school it might be different).

edit: yikes this is long :,) if you don't have TSA at your school, try and join robotics, hope this helps :)

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I would recommend trying to find an aerospace-related internship. You can cold email professors from local universities and tell them about your interest in the field. Then you can also request an internship for the summer!

Since you are interested in volunteering, you could host a fun elementary-aged intro to aerospace engineering, to cultivate interest in STEM fields within the community.

To maintain a well-rounded profile, you can also pursue some artistic pursuits of your choice! I had a similar situation, where I was mainly focused on biochemistry, but I also founded initiatives surrounding my culture/the arts. i got some ideas through my free mentor from learners empowered (let me know if you are interested!). they helped me figure out some new ec ideas and even get some projects up and running.

Best of luck!!

2 years ago


One thing you should definitely do is take engineering classes and math classes. AP Physics classes if you can and math, mainly AP Physics: Mechanics and Calculus if possible. You also should join a club that has something to do with building and anything in engineering like Robotics. If they don't have a club, start one, colleges love that. With internships or jobs, I would try to get one at a local science museum.

I hope this helps!


I hope this helps.

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