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How much impact to my college admission with few/no medals , awards ?

Am a junior in high school and had decent SAT test score along with some AP and Honors credits. I did couple of volunteer works and working in clubs at my school . But I don't have any awards/medals. How much I impacted with my college admissions with this situation?

Can some one provide info about EC's which give some weightage to my admission.

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4 years ago

1. I think you should join a service club. This will show that not only are you capable of keeping your grades up, take tests, and get decent scores, but you also are willing to offer a hand and help out in your community. To start off, go with recycling club, key club, or interact club.

2. If you're looking to receive a medal, try getting into NAHS or NHS. Ask a teacher you're friends with to recommend you to one of the teacher leaders in the organization.

If you are not able to achieve 1 or 2, then you should boost up your volunteer hours... and when I say boost up I mean BOOST UP! Since you will have more free time from not doing 1 or 2, you could make your volunteer hours go up to a crazy high number. The crazy amount will for sure appeal to college admissions counselors.

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