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Shall I take Ap classes ? What are they ? Also answer the same for honors classes .

I am a class 10 studying student . I want to know about ap classes and honors classes . How they work . If they are online or not . And how to apply for them .


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So AP classes are a prep test for the AP test given by the school but made by college board maker of CommonApp and SAT. Upon completion of test generally if you get a 4-5 out of 5 you gain credit at just about all universities at least in USA. Grades are weighted.

Honors is a slightly advanced circular which doesn’t give college credit and depending on HS isn’t weighted.

Colleges care more about AP gpa than AP test scores.

Both aren’t offered online on average though Collegeboard has a online program that I am unfamiliar with and isn’t School sponsored.

For AP and Honors you sometimes have to pass an enterence exam but at my school you just indicate the class you want and then they make the schedule.

Hope this helps!

Comment if you need clarification


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