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Doing the High school in the USA helps me to get a better Scholarship?


I have some doubts. If I do the last year of high school in the USA, and Improve my grades will I be able to get good scholarship at the university. What's the biggest scholarship I can have?

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Most scholarships in the US that provide the most financial aid are need-based not merit-based so if you come from a well do family, you are not going to qualify for need-based aid. There are different ways to get merit aid and one popular method is to score very high on the PSAT in 11th grade. This also depends which of the 50 States you move to because some are more competitive like California and New York versus Montana and Nebraska. First, you must be awarded a semi-finalist. That will depend on your score which must be in the 99% percentile (1460 to1520 out of a maximum score of 1520). Once you become a semi-finalist you can apply to be a finalist and then you take the SAT and get selected from a pool of others who also did well on the SAT also usually in the 99%+ (1520 to 1600). If you get to be a National Merit Finalists, some schools like USC give you a 50% reduction on tuition, you would still have to pay 50% and room and board but that takes 28,000 of the 79,000 total. Other colleges have merit scholarships but they are more complicated. Not only do you need good Stats and Grades, but you also have to have some talent as well, like in the Washington & Lee merit program. There are definitely more lower-income opportunities in the US for scholarships than merit. Many applicants do qualify for some merit say if they have a 1500 SAT/34 ACT and the college that are applying to is has a lower 25%/75% range of test scores. If they are like a 1250/1350 or 27/30 school you might get a Presidential scholarship. But you might not want to be a merit scholar at a lower ranking school and more often than not the scholarship will only cover a portion of the tuition, not the full tuition. Attending high school in the US for your 12th grade is not very helpful at all because most of the merit criteria are based on your academic record from 9th to 11th grade. Only 11th graders can sit for the PSAT which is counted toward the National Merit Scholarship. Remember that before you finish the 1st semester of your 12th grade you will have already applied to all your colleges either through ED Nov.1 deadline, ED2 Dec. 15th deadline or RD, Jan 1 through Jan 15th deadline. Most HS 1st semesters are not over until the end of January. That doesn't give you any time to grow roots in your new HS or make an impact on joining clubs or sports either. If you are serious about transitioning to the US for HS it's always best to do it in the 9th or 10th grade. Good luck with your applications.

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