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06/18/2020 at 07:20PM
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How does senior year gpa work with admissions?

Hey, I'm a rising senior and I have a question regarding transcript/gpa. My cumulative gpa right now is a 3.78, and the schools that I am considering to applying to are schools like University of Georgia, University of Miami, College of Charleston etc. I would really like to get my gpa up a few more points (4.0 would be ideal, but I know that's a really big stretch HAHA). So, I was wondering how colleges look at our senior year grades, and how they combine that with our current gpa. I've heard that if you apply early then they look mostly as your junior year gpa. However, if you apply regular then something different. I just wanted to see if I have enough time to raise my gpa to what I would like it to be.

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06/19/2020 at 03:36AM

So i disagree with cameron. You usally report your classes (rigor) when you apply and then you send in your transcript when you enroll though it differs on schools.

Another approach I know of you report your grades without a transcript then you apply and if enrolled with that gpa you send transcript when you enroll and if there is a fallacy your offer is recinded.

06/18/2020 at 07:41PM

If you apply RD, then college will have time to see your Fall Sr grades and the GPA you report on your application will be a blended one using the 9th through 12th fall semester. If you apply ED, they will not have the time benefit of knowing what your grades are (depending on when the decision date is) I think UGA is 11/22 for EA and UMiami is late December for ED1. You do not say whether the 3.78 is unweighted or weighted. If it is weighted, I would take some honors or AP classes to get your GPA up.


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