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Is there a need to send a official transcript before RD deadline?

I'm referring to schools that require a mid year report which will have my first semester grades. Since the mid year report is required, is there a need for me to ask my counselor to submit another official transcript before my first semester is over as by the time the mid year reports are sent over, it will be passed most of the college deadlines.


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2 years ago

@leon your HS counselor has 3 jobs.

1. Send your official transcripts to your colleges you are applying to. They can either do this manually for each school or if your school uses Naviance which is a college portal, you can make your list on Naviance and your HS counselor can see the list and do a group send to all the schools you are applying to on Naviance. This a very common thing for them to do. Once they do this, you will see an update that your transcripts have been sent to the colleges on your list.

2. Write your 3rd recommendation in addition to the recommendations coming from your teachers. So if you do not know your HS counselor very well I highly recommend that you prepare a intro letter and C.V. for them so they know who you are and what your strengths and activities are.

3. Send your mid-year report which usually happens sometime in February after your 1st semester grades come out. Some schools are on a trimester calendar so they would get the 1st trimester grades out before XMas break while those on a semester basis usually get their grades mid/late January.

If your counselor has been doing their job for a while, they know what they are supposed to do as long as you give them your accurate college list as soon as it's put together.

Good luck.

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