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How beneficial is a upwards grade curve if you apply with a lower than average GPA?

I'm currently eyeing Oregon State University, and the average GPA seems to be around 3.4-3.5. Unfortunately, I started high school pretty badly, tanking in some of my semesters, (for many reasons, including depression, and executive dysfunction) but as a Sophomore, I've been improving my grades every semester, and I'll be ending this one with a 3.05.

With estimations based on my upwards grade curve, I'll be ending high school with a 3.2-3.3 GPA, and based on some practice tests done with Khan Academy, I'll have a higher than average SAT/ACT score.

I'm still quite worried that I might be deprioritized based on my GPA just because I started high school badly, even if every other part of my application profile would be higher than average. Should I worry or would a upwards grade curve show that I'm just as good as the higher GPA students?

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2 years ago

This is a somewhat complicated question to answer! An upward trajectory generally looks very good, especially if you have specific, explainable reasons for poor performance at the start of your high school career. However, if you are well out of range of the middle 50% of accepted students' GPAs, you definitely run the risk of not being fully considered.

From what I can see, Oregon State recommends having an unweighted GPA of at least a 3.0. While you are thus at the very low end here at the moment (I'm rooting for you to increase your GPA as much as possible by the time you apply!), it seems likely that they will at least consider your application. And if they consider you, they will then take note of your upward trajectory. I can't possibly answer whether or not you'll get in, but I imagine you will at least have a chance!

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