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06/19/2020 at 04:09AM
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If I decide that I want to be a business major during the summer before my senior year, what can I do?

I have always leaned towards the science field, but now, right before my senior year I decided I want to do business as my major. What can I do to be looked at by prestigious colleges? My stats are not that great either. I only have a 3.68 unweighted GPA.

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2 answers

06/19/2020 at 04:29AM

Better late than never so good for you. I would research the best undergraduate business schools that are both Target schools and Reach schools and see how competitive they are to apply straight from HS. Then I would take a step back and see what the difference is if you applied as an Economics Major or Math Major. If its easier to get into with Econ/Math, I would apply to the better schools as either undecided or an Econ/Math major and then transfer into the business school like 2nd year. What matters most is that you get the degree you want at graduation not how you got there. Sometimes HS students take a Gap year or go to Community College for the same reasons. They use this time to prop up their GPAs which increases the probability of getting into their school of choice. As long as you have a goal and a strategy to get there, that's better than rolling the dice to get into the best business school right off the bat. The other thing some people do is go to a public college for 2 years and then transfer to a better college. There are many options. I would totally skip the idea of applying to prestigious business schools like Wharton, Ross, Olin, Stern, Dyson or Mendoza. Even applicants with near-perfect grades and board scores get rejected. Maybe look at Syracuse, Fordham, BYU, Miami, Pitt, UWash, UWisc, or UMass. Also, it's not too late to sign up for SAT/ACT/SAT II so if you can show a 1450+, 32+, or mid 700s on your SAT IIs that will help offset your GPA. But that means you have to grind this summer.

06/19/2020 at 07:34PM

Ok to be very honest the summer before your senior year changing your field from stem to business is a biiiiig change. You will need to explain that on your essays (assuming you’re writing them very soon) that you wanted to change your entire focus for college. Otherwise it will seem that you have zero business experience since all of your previous extracurricular were science related and that will put you at a huge disadvantage. You might wanna apply as a stem major and then change into business when you get into college, but idk. If your profile as a prospective applicant has basically no focus on business and is very strong for stem then you might have a better chance to apply as stem if your profile was built assuming that you would study science in college. The best thing you can do to be prepared is shift your extracurricular focus to business your last year but there isn’t a lot you can do cause you’re going to be applying so soon. Maybe you can get involved in a summer project that combines business and stem so it isn’t a total change. If you want to be considered by prestigious colleges you really need to have an exceptional transcript of near straight As and be in all honors or AP classes as well as taking business-centered classes like stats, management, accounting, finance, economics, whatever your school offers. Sorry I don’t have much advice but i hope this helps :)


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