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Will an upward trend in math help me for a computer science major?


I started with Algebra 2 Honors, then to Geometry Honors, then Precalc Honors, then AP Calc AB

A2H Grade: B-

Planning to get at least an A- in the rest


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having an upward trend in any grade definitely helps, but don’t count on that being the catch-all/end-all on your trascript. for compsci you want to have REALLY strong grades in science and math, and you also want to be taking advanced/accelerated classes in those areas. it’s good to see that you’re projecting an upward trend but you generally want to have strong grades in every subject, so the upward trend at the cost of poor grades in other classes isn’t good. generally you just want to make sure you’re on top of your grades regardless. it’s better to have them improve than decline, so that’s a good thing.

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Without any other information yes. If the B was because of an outside factor reach out to college and ask for special consideration.

But if your score in A2H is a B and the other classes are all mid As such as 94s it doesn't count as upwards as you more or less didn't do well in a class but you did well in the remainder.

Hope this helps!

Comment if you need clarification.