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What are some good extracurriculares or intership/volunteer opportunities for someone who’s looking into sports medicine

Hello! I will be a senior this upcoming school year and I’m not to sure what extracurriculares I should participate in. I didn’t have much opportunities to join extracurriculares due to COVID and I feel that I am behind. For this upcoming year I will be a community service representative for our school club and a social media manager for our schools newspaper. What else should I do to increase my admission chances?

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Hello, @Emlarra. You have demonstrated leadership by holding positions in school clubs. So I believe that part is strong. (1) If you still have the time and energy, you could start your own club or even a non-profit, such as a mental health advocacy club. Because you are a rising senior, you should be able to find internship opportunities in local universities, labs, and organizations. You could even offer virtual internships. To learn more about the requirements, speak with your school adviser or visit their websites and search on Indeed (https://www.indeed.com). (2) Volunteer hours are also required for NHS membership. You could look for opportunities in your district, local libraries, museums, churches, and nursing homes. You could have companionship with the elders. You could search on VolunteerMatch which I use (https://www.volunteermatch.org).

If you want to know more please read this post of mine, (https://www.collegevine.com/questions/30601/what-sort-of-extracurriculars-should-i-do-if-i-m-planning-on-majoring-in-psychology) which provided a through recommendations of ECs and opportunities you could take.

I hope the information helps and best luck.

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